Entire Staff Lost Their Jobs as Japanese Giant Closes Factory

Entire Staff Lost Their Jobs as Japanese Giant Closes Factory

Japanese technology giant Toshiba has decided to close its Gniezno plant after just four years. A local news service reported that employees have already received their notices.

Toshiba is an international corporation that produces printers, hard drives, portable memory, but also systems used, for example, in trains. In 2020, a factory specializing in the production of air conditioners, refrigeration systems, fans and compressors was opened in Gniezno. The factory was to become an important element of the local economy and gave employment to over a hundred people.

Toshiba lays off 100 workers

After four years, however, it is closing down. Employees learned about it on Wednesday, June 26. The local website MojeGniezno.pl reported it. There is no announcement on the Polish Toshiba website, although it is constantly updated.

The service notes that local institutions will have to take action to help dismissed employees find new jobs and support them during this difficult period. “Let’s hope that Gniezno will quickly find new development opportunities and attract new investors to compensate for the losses caused by the closure of the Toshiba factory,” the entry ends with such a call.

Mass layoffs in Krakow

The city most affected by group layoffs is Kraków. Another three companies have announced their intention to carry out group layoffs in Kraków – this time 271 people will lose their jobs. In total, since the beginning of the year, Kraków companies have announced the layoffs of 1,677 employees – reports “Dziennik Polski”.

The Municipal Labor Office in Krakow is receiving information from more companies that want to conduct group layoffs. “Dziennik Polski” does not provide the names of the companies, but it is known that they operate in retail (108 people), the software sector (37 people) and are involved in “other activities” (126 people).

Business Insider reported in May that Kraków is at the top of the infamous list summarizing the first quarter of 2024 in terms of mass layoffs. In January and February, almost 1,000 people lost their jobs, which is more than in the whole of 2023. At that time, there were 954 people on the counter. In the article below, we explain why.

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