Traumatic childbirth in Krakow. The Patient Ombudsman took steps

Traumatic childbirth in Krakow.  The Patient Ombudsman took steps

The Patient Ombudsman stated that one of the Krakow hospitals did not exercise due care during childbirth. The allegations included: violation of the patient's privacy and inappropriate jokes.

Mrs. Ewa (patient's name changed) complained about the conditions in which her son was delivered at the Specialist Hospital. Stefan Żeromski SP ZOZ in Krakow.

The patient noticed, among others: to insufficient care and communication with her, failure to inform about the progress of labor, inappropriate jokes by the staff, violation of intimacy and difficult to defend skin-to-skin contact with her son (the position of the naked newborn, after birth, on the mother's body – ed.).

Intimacy was allegedly violated by examining the patient after giving birth with other people in the room.

– No screen. And the doctor comes with a question: “Is your butt still red?” – she reported.

After reporting her comments, she received a response from the hospital, but she claimed that most of her comments were downplayed. The hospital found that Mrs. Ewa had not adequately communicated her needs. “The medical staff did not notice any disturbing symptoms in you,” they said.

The Patient Ombudsman agreed with the complainant

After TOK FM published the matter, the Patient Ombudsman took up the matter. He analyzed the evidence – explanations provided by the hospital, a copy of the patient's medical records and the content of the article. – In the case in question, it is impossible to say that the health services provided to the patient during her stay at the medical facility were characterized by due diligence – said Bartłomiej Chmielowiec.

The facility was given 30 days to implement the recommendations of the Patient Ombudsman. These include: conducting training for staff on the patient's right to health services, information, dignity and privacy, as well as a written apology to the patient for the irregularities and sending a copy of the apology to the Ombudsman.

– I'm glad I decided to write this complaint. But I'm not looking forward to the hospital's response, because the previous arguments were aimed at proving to me that childbirth is extremely emotional and that the problem is actually in my head, said Mrs. Ewa.

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