Piotr Lisek defended his title in HMP. There was no legend in Toruń

Piotr Lisek defended his title in HMP.  There was no legend in Toruń

Piotr Lisek and Robert Sobera fought for the gold medal of the Polish Indoor Championships in this year’s edition. The gold medal ultimately went to the competitor fighting to defend the title.

February 18 was the second day of competition at the Polish Indoor Championships. It was on Sunday that pole vaulters, led by Piotr Lisek and Robert Sobera, started fighting. These two players clashed in the fight for the gold medal.

He was missing in the Polish Indoor Championships

Unfortunately, Paweł Wojciechowski was missing in Toruń, as his results have recently been much worse than expected. For example, during the Orlen Cup held in Łódź, he took penultimate place, stopping at a height of 5.42 meters. After the competition, he openly admitted that he was slowly thinking about ending his career.

And why didn’t he take part in the fight for the national champion title? He explained everything on his Instagram. “It’s always hard to let go, but if it’s going to allow me to be in better health in the last summer season, it’s the only right option. My back still hurts, I need time. I always give 100% and even if the result is not adequate to the work put in, I don’t give up, when I fall, I get up,” he wrote on his profile. It looks like we won’t see him in the hall again.

Piotr Lisek fought with Robert Sobera

In the Toruń hall, we watched many pole vaulters who started from a very low level. The competition started from a ceiling of 4.30 meters. As you can easily guess, it took a long time before the biggest star, Piotr Lisek, even got up from the chair for more than just a warm-up.

Early starts usually mean quick finishes, and that was the case this time. Looking through the list of the best results in the season for given players, we noticed that as many as 7 out of 12 in 2024 did not exceed the threshold of 5 meters. This time was no different. Only Bartosz Marcinkiewicz, Filip Kempski, Piotr Lisek and Robert Sobera competed on a higher bar.

However, the first of the two mentioned above finished their participation in the competition at 5.20 meters. Only then did the last two fight for the gold medal. They were neck and neck until 5.80, which Lisek scored, unlike his opponent. He moved two attempts to the next height, i.e. 5.85, although he was unable to overcome it. As a result, the gold once again went to Lisko. Sobera took the silver and Kempski took the bronze.

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