Breakthrough news regarding arrested Legia fans. The English police have decided

Breakthrough news regarding arrested Legia fans.  The English police have decided

Bartosz Zasławski, the press spokesman for Legia Warszawa, provided new information regarding the arrested fans in Birmingham. The English police made a groundbreaking decision.

Legia Warszawa players lost 1-2 to Aston Villa in the Europa Conference League. Both players and fans will not have good memories of the trip to Birmingham, because there were riots with the police before the clash. They were caused by the failure to allocate the expected number of tickets and, ultimately, by not allowing Legia fans to enter Villa Park. The police arrested 46 fans.

Breakthrough news regarding Legia Warszawa fans

During the confusion, many different objects were thrown into motion. Fans pelted the officers with stones and shot flares, causing several policemen to be injured. The detained fans were supposed to appear in court in Birmingham on Saturday, December 2, but after some time the date was changed to January 5, 2024. They are to be charged with violating public order, but also with possessing a weapon in the form of a knife and violating the bodily integrity of officers.

Bartosz Zasławski, spokesman for Legia Warszawa, appeared on the “Misja Futbol” program, during which he revealed that 45 of the 46 arrested people had already been released. He assured that their identification by the club was impossible, which was also emphasized in the official statement issued by the Military after returning to Warsaw from Great Britain. In turn, Aston Villa representatives said that the Poles showed no willingness to cooperate, which the Legionnaires firmly denied.

– I must admit that there were so many people there that it was absolutely impossible for the club to identify them, which is understandable. We pointed out to the Birmingham club that there would be people there who were absolutely not authorized by the club. As far as I know, 45 of the 46 people were released from custody. This also shows an excessive escalation of the actions of the English police, the spokesman said.

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