There is a lawsuit against the National Bank of Poland. It’s a large amount

There is a lawsuit against the National Bank of Poland.  It's a large amount

Paweł Mucha, member of the management board of the National Bank of Poland, demands payment of outstanding salaries and bonuses. Previously, he criticized the head of the National Bank of Poland, prof. Adam Glapiński.

140 thousand PLN – this is the amount Paweł Mucha demands from the NBP. He claims that he received reduced pay for several months. The lawsuit against the National Bank of Poland for the payment of outstanding salaries and bonuses was supposed to go to court – reports

Paweł Mucha vs. Adam Glapiński

This is not the first time Paweł Mucha fights with his employer. In November this year, he openly criticized the head of the NBP for not performing his duties and not providing other members of the management board with the minutes of the Monetary Policy Council meetings.

“The Council (…) not only annually determines the assumptions of the monetary policy and the level of interest rates and the required reserve rate of banks, but also approves the financial plan of the NBP and the report on the activities of the NBP, adopts the annual financial report of the NBP, as well as evaluates the activities of the Management Board of the NBP in implementation of monetary policy assumptions,” Mucha wrote in a special statement.

He explained that access to documents is “necessary for the current and proper performance of duties” by members of the bank’s management board.

Glapiński then replied that all this fuss was just part of the game Paweł Mucha was playing to force the bank to pay a raise.

“Mr. Mucha simply demands exorbitant amounts for his work, and the level of performance of this work and the way it is performed do not justify it in any way (…) The dispute is only about awards and bonuses. It’s all true, the rest is stage directions. Banal, there is no division, no conflict. There are nine members of the management board, one is dissatisfied with the remuneration,” explained Prof. Glapiński.

Mucha’s actions were also criticized by the entire NBP management board in a special statement. They found their colleague’s behavior unacceptable, they believed that he was creating an atmosphere of threat, that he was just imposing his point of view and unjustifiably criticizing his colleagues and the president of the NBP. Glapiński finally met Mucha. The conflict seemed to have ended, but a lawsuit was to be brought to court shortly thereafter.

List of sins

Mucha demands payment of over PLN 140,000. zloty. This amount is to consist of unpaid bonuses, prizes and compensation for unequal treatment, because Mucha was to receive lower remuneration than other members of the management board from April this year. In addition, he was deprived of supervision over three NBP departments. He no longer supervises any at this time. The list of sins is even longer: Mucha was excluded from important celebrations, interviews and conferences, his company car was taken away, the contract with his secretary was not extended, and he was not allowed to work remotely. The president of the National Bank of Poland himself was said to have shown personal dislike for him.

Mucha would therefore like the court to decide on the issue of harassment and overdue bonuses by hearing all members of the NBP management board. He did not want to comment on the lawsuit to journalists so as, as he says, “not to inflame the situation and provide an excuse to accuse him of commenting on issues relating to the NBP without appropriate permission.”

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