“Our New Home”. This is how they transformed the old store. See “before and after” photos

"Our New Home".  This is how they transformed the old store.  See "before and after" photos

The “Nasz Nowy Dom” team turned the old store into a real home. See “before and after” photos of the transformation in Nowe Święcice.

In the last episode of the “Nasz Nowy Dom” program, which viewers could watch on Thursday, October 26, the team led by Elżbieta Romanowska set off to Nowe Święcice. Mrs. Ilona and her 5-year-old daughter Maja, who suffers from motor aphasia, live there.

Thanks to rehabilitation, her mother’s hard work and the care of specialists, the girl runs, draws and tries to speak. For now, he communicates with the world in his own way. She is energetic and cheerful. Mrs. Ilona, ​​herself certified disabled, tries to provide her daughter with the best care.

The “Nasz Nowy Dom” team transformed the old store so much

This was certainly hindered by the house where mother and daughter lived. It was a former grocery store in which a makeshift kitchen was built in one room and a sofa bed was installed. There is no bathroom, no toilet. Mrs. Ilona’s sick parents tried to support their daughter, but they were unable to help with the renovation. Apart from them, the woman had no one else to turn to.

The situation was saved by the “Nasz Nowy Dom” program team, including architect Marta Kołdej and Przemek Oślak’s construction group. When the family rested, the place where they lived became a real home. You can see the transformation of the building in our gallery.

“Our New Home”

The “Our New Home” program team has been helping families in need since 2013. Within five days, he creates safe and comfortable living conditions for them. During 21 editions, approximately 300 episodes were produced. The first 20 seasons of the show were hosted by Katarzyna Dowbor. Then she was replaced in this position by Elżbieta Romanowska.

The new episode of “Our New Home” will be available on Thursday, November 3 at 8:05 p.m. on Polsat.

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