Czarzasty the Speaker of the Sejm? The left confirms the candidacy

Czarzasty the Speaker of the Sejm?  The left confirms the candidacy

Włodzimierz Czarzasty is the Left’s candidate for Speaker of the Sejm – RMF FM confirmed. Szymon Hołownia also expressed his willingness to take up this position. – We have very comparable clubs – Biedroń told the radio station.

As RMF FM established, the Left will nominate Włodzimierz Czarzasty for Marshal of the Sejm. – I can say it officially – said Robert Biedroń, co-chairman of one of the coalition groups, in an interview with the radio station.

Czarzasty is a candidate for Speaker of the Sejm

A few days earlier, Szymon Hołownia declared his readiness to take responsibility for the function of Speaker of the Sejm. The leader of Poland 2050 also revealed that his coalition with the Polish People’s Party “also has expectations” related to the position of deputy prime minister.

Third Road took third place in the parliamentary elections, and achieved the second best result among the former opposition parties. However, the leaders of the groups comprising it announced that they would create two separate factions in the Sejm, to which Biedroń referred. “We have very comparable clubs,” he argued for Czarzasty’s candidacy. Poland 2050 introduced 33 MPs to the Sejm, and the Left – 26.

Meeting of the leaders of the democratic camp

As RMF24 emphasizes, the current deputy speaker of the Sejm may be supported by the support of the leader of the largest opposition group – the Civic Coalition. “He doesn’t particularly want to build Hołownia’s position, thinking about Rafał Trzaskowski’s presidential campaign,” the portal noted. RMF FM journalist Mariusz Piekarski also drew attention to the incomparably greater experience of the older politician.

Czarzasty’s candidacy is to be officially announced on Friday, October 27, during talks between the leaders of KO, Trzecia Droga and Lewica. According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the meeting of politicians is intended to lead to “the division of influence in the presidiums of the Sejm and Senate” and may be repeated on Saturday. – The idea is to talk until the end, one of the opposition representatives said in an interview with the daily.

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