Start-up works of the Zabrze heat and power plant are in progress

Start-up works of the Zabrze heat and power plant are in progress

Budimex announced the completion of construction works at the Zabrze heat and power plant. The facility managed by Fortum is the most modern in Poland. It will be able to use three types of fuel, including alternative fuel derived from waste.

Start-up work of a new heat and power plant has started in Zabrze. Budimex and industry contractors were responsible for the construction of the facility managed by Fortum. The company completed the contract within 29 months. All additional works that have been additionally contracted will last until the end of 2018.

The Zabrze heat and power plant is the most modern facility of this type in Poland. It will be able to use three types of fuel. One of them will be RDF coal, i.e. fuel derived from waste that cannot be recycled. Thanks to this, a closed waste facility will be operational, which will significantly reduce the negative impact of the heat and power plant on the natural environment.

– This is the first heat and power plant in Poland that can use this alternative fuel. Budimex, as a modern construction company, has always been very close to the ideals of environmental protection, which is why we are even more pleased that we could build such an ecologically modern facility – says Dariusz Blocher, president of the management board of Budimex SA.

Budimex, as the main contractor of construction works, was responsible, among others, for: for the construction of a complex of main buildings, including the boiler room and silos adjacent to the boiler, the engine room, the main staircase and the electrical building with a signal box. Additionally, the company has constructed power injection facilities, exhaust gas treatment facilities and ash removal system facilities.

– The challenge was to construct over 12,000 m3 of concrete and over 1,200 tons of reinforcing steel, which also included the preparation of the turbine foundation and a 66 m high communication pylon. Thanks to the good work organization and experience of our employees, we managed to do it in record time 12 weeks – says Dariusz Blocher.

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