Observation tower on Śnieżnik. The Czech minister does not mince his words: it may be like Turów

Observation tower on Śnieżnik.  The Czech minister does not mince his words: it may be like Turów

The Czech government has been informed that heavy equipment is being used to build the observation tower on Śnieżnik, which is crushing the massif.

The fashion for building observation towers in the mountains continues unabated. On the contrary, it can be expected that the opening of Sky Walk in Świeradów Zdrój, the tallest tower in Poland, will only stimulate the appetite of other local government officials to also have viewing hills from which the panorama of the mountains looks even better.

Observation tower on Śnieżnik

In the near future, a tower (though not that big) is to be built on Śnieżnik, the highest hill in the Kłodzko region. As long as it is built – because its construction has more and more critics.

The construction is carried out on behalf of a Polish investor from the Stronie commune, but the financing for this investment comes from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the project: Kladsko-Orlicko-Śnieżnik. Czech non-governmental organizations have just asked their government to stop subsidizing the project. They argue that the construction is being carried out in violation of the contract.

The Czechs are opposed to the use of heavy equipment in the construction, which crushes the Śnieżnik massif. Heavy construction materials were to be transported by helicopter to the peak – writes next.gazeta.pl, citing the voice of ecologists.

Regular development is underway

Czech Environment Minister Richard Brabec said he would not ignore the calls. “If we believe that EU regulations have been violated in this case, we will ask the European Commission for help, just as we did in the case of the Turów mine.”.

Several days ago, Maciej Sokołowski, who runs two popular shelters in the Table Mountains: Pasterka and Schronisko Na Szczeliniec, pointed out the problem of destruction of nature by construction equipment.

– There is regular development going on there. Excavators and bulldozers are working in the nature reserve to create an access road to the investment – he raised the alarm in an entry that caused a huge stir among lovers of Lower Silesian landscapes.

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