There will be a new voucher. Minister about who can benefit

There will be a new voucher.  Minister about who can benefit

Most likely, frozen energy prices will apply until the end of June. Minister of Climate and Environment Paulina Henning-Kloska announces that bills will go up by no more than PLN 30. Some people will also be able to use the new voucher.

According to the act adopted last year, frozen energy prices will apply until the middle of this year. Until June 30, the maximum electricity price for households, up to specified annual consumption limits, will be PLN 412/MWh.

What awaits us in July? Paulina Henning-Kloska talks about this in an interview with “Fakt”. The Minister of Climate and Environment emphasizes that freezing prices “does not clearly mean that we pay less for electricity”, because – as she explains – “recently, we have been paying more than 30 PLN annually from the state budget. billion PLN from our taxes.

– We want to unfreeze prices so that it is not noticeable to society. Our predecessors allowed State Treasury companies to generate gigantic profits at our expense, which politicians transferred from one pocket to another and gave to us for electricity bills. We want to ensure that the excess profits of companies are replaced by lower tariffs and prices more acceptable to people – explains Henning-Kloska.

Minister of Climate on the new voucher

When asked how much bills may increase this year for an average household, the minister replies: – We made such a calculation. For me, a desirable situation would be for the bills to not increase by more than PLN 30 per month. However, on the other hand, we would like to provide the poorest people, who are currently choosing between hot soup and warmth at home, with additional support in the form of an energy voucher.

Hennig-Kloska did not want to reveal yet what the amount of the energy voucher could be. This issue is discussed during inter-ministerial consultations.

– We want to systematically fight energy poverty and provide targeted assistance to people who really need it. It is estimated that up to four million households in Poland are affected by energy poverty. This problem needs to be solved – emphasizes the head of the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

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