Noah’s Ark found? Scientists have new evidence

Noah's Ark found?  Scientists have new evidence

The remains of Noah’s Ark are found in Turkey? Scientists have found new evidence that confirms their previous suspicions.

  • Groundbreaking research on Noah’s Ark
  • Noah’s Ark is on Mount Ararat?
  • Ship on Mount Ararat

Has Noah’s Ark been found? Scientists have been conducting research for decades to confirm the existence of the legendary Noah’s Ark. Now new evidence has emerged in the case – new samples taken from Mount Ararat in Turkey.

Groundbreaking research on Noah’s Ark

As the Bible says, the legendary Noah’s Ark rested within Mount Ararat. “And the ark came to rest in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, in the mountains of Ararat” (Genesis 8:4), we read in the Bible.

Research by international teams has been ongoing there for years to confirm or deny whether the remains of the ship discovered on the mountain are actually the remains of Noah’s Ark. Since 2021, Turkish-American teams have been working within the massif. Scientists took nearly 30 rock and soil samples from the area where the ship was discovered and found they dated back to 3,500 to 5,000 years ago. It was during this period that the biblical flood was said to have occurred.

“The first findings show that human activity in this region has taken place since the Chalcolithic era, i.e. between 5500 and 3000 BC. Based on the research, we can conclude that life existed in the mentioned area during this period, but we cannot clearly say that it was in A ship appeared there in those years. To prove this, we still have to work for a long time,” said Prof. Faruk Kaya, vice-rector of the Turkish University of Agri Ibrahim Cecen.

However, this is further evidence that the ship discovered in 1959 may be the remains of the legendary Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark is on Mount Ararat?

Ararat is a massive, 5,137-meter-high dormant volcano located in the center of the Armenian Plateau in Turkey, between Lakes Van and Sevan. The massif has two peaks: Great Ararat – 5137 m above sea level and Little Ararat 3896 m above sea level. As the Bible indicates, on the mountain there are the remains of Noah’s Ark, thanks to which people and animals survived the great flood.

Despite the work carried out by international teams of researchers, no irrefutable evidence has been found so far that could confirm that Noah’s Ark actually stopped on Mount Aratat.

Ship on Mount Ararat

In 1959, amazing news circulated around the world. Turkish captain and cartographer İlhan Durupınar, who was taking aerial photographs of the area around Ararat, noticed an unusual rock formation. The fossilized object had the shape of a ship, so the man suspected it might be Noah’s lost Ark.

The formation was found 30 kilometers from the highest peak of Mount Ararat and 10 kilometers from its foothills. Scientists concluded that the ship was discovered by a strong earthquake that struck the region in 1948. Previously, it was buried under many layers of rock and lava, so its discovery was simply impossible.

Preliminary research confirmed that the object has exactly the length and width of the biblical ark: 156 meters by 26 meters. These dimensions were much larger than those of merchant ships, so the researchers believed that it could actually be the legendary ark.

Fragments of a metal structure as well as rivets were found in the collected rock fragments, which indicated that the ship was a human creation. Research also revealed that there were partitions and chambers inside the ship that matched the descriptions of Noah’s Ark in the Bible. Despite this evidence, the community was not fully convinced that it was indeed a biblical ship. Research has been going on for many years and still has not yielded a clear conclusion.

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