A snake slithered over the heads of the travelers. There was chaos on board the plane

A snake slithered over the heads of the travelers.  There was chaos on board the plane

What happened on the flight to Phuket was beyond the travelers’ imagination. A snake appeared over one of the places. He quickly focused everyone’s attention on him.

It was supposed to be a peaceful journey, but the plans were thwarted by a dangerous-looking reptile. Suddenly it started crawling over the passengers’ heads, and they couldn’t believe their eyes. The situation occurred on board an AsiaAir flight from Bangkok to Phuket.

A snake on board an AirAsia plane. Travelers in shock

The hose on board AsiaAir was located in a compartment above the passengers’ heads. When he reached the surface, there was immediate chaos on board. There were screams and panic. One of the men was the first to see the strange companion. The news about the snake quickly reached everyone.

The case became famous, among others. after a recording of the entire action appeared on the Internet. It shows that everyone is worried and the crew is trying to save the situation. Ultimately, using a plastic bag and a plastic bottle, the individual was captured.

We have heard many times about unusual guests on board planes. Sometimes a bird suddenly broke free, other times chaos reigned due to a running rat and an otter. These types of actions always cause a lot of stress and complications. As for the AirAsia line, this one has been particularly unlucky with snakes. In February 2022, a spotted python was found on board one of the domestic flights – from Kuala Lumpur to Sabah. In these types of cases, line representatives always have problems.

The airlines issued a statement. This is how they explain themselves

The incident could not be left uncommented by AsiaAir. The airline issued a special statement in which they said that there was no danger on board at any time and the reptile was caught in time. The announcement also emphasized that this was a very rare incident and could not be treated as something normal.

“The AirAsia crew has been well trained to deal with this type of incident and as a precautionary measure, they have moved passengers from the area,” it said. Moreover, it was added that, in accordance with procedures, the plane underwent thorough cleaning and fumigation before the next flight.

The flight itself completed without any problems. The passengers landed in Phuket as planned. The airport staff were informed about the snake and immediately took the guest into their hands. It must be admitted that this eventful trip will certainly remain in the memory of everyone present for a long time.

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