Cheap and… comfortable. You need to remember this when going camping

Cheap and... comfortable.  You need to remember this when going camping

Going camping is not the same as staying in a hotel. That doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable. Moreover, it can be completely comfortable. For such holidays, you only need to prepare well so that you are not surprised by extreme weather conditions, lack of clean clothes or access to sanitary facilities. In return, we have close contact with nature and one of the cheapest vacation options.

For those who have never been camping, a trip may be associated with discomfort, lack of sleep or mosquito bites. Fortunately, this is not always the case, and what’s more, the tent gives us unlimited opportunities to travel, contact with nature, and if we prepare properly, we will not feel excessive discomfort.

Choosing a tent

The tent should be selected for a group or family. If we are going to travel only in two, then the best solution will be to choose a tent for 3 people, because the extra space will provide us with comfort. However, a larger tent will work only when we are going to pitch in one place. A smaller tent is recommended for hiking – it will be tight, but it’s always easier with transport on your own back. If you are planning a family vacation with children, you should look for larger, multi-person models. Tents with two chambers are available in sports stores, so children can sleep in a separate “bedroom”.

If we plan to pitch for the whole week by the lake and camp with the whole family, a tunnel tent will be the best choice, as it has more space and its height is similar along its entire length. For shorter trips, an igloo is recommended.

When choosing a tent, let’s check how easy it is to set up and fold. This will save us not only time, but also nerves. In addition, if our camping trips are occasional, remember that we do not have to buy our own tent right away. Many shops with tourist and sports equipment have the option of renting, which will save us from considerable expenses.

Don’t forget about the tropics. This extra layer of material, which surrounds the tent on the top and sides, protecting it from getting wet in the event of a downpour, also protects against the wind.

Take care of your comfort

If we like to sleep comfortably, a sleeping bag and a mat will be necessary. People who value greater comfort can choose an inflatable mattress. It is not worth saving on these things, because they will serve us for many years.

It is also worth planning a camp kitchen. In the rich version, it can be a portable cooker, tourist chairs and a table. In the ecological version, let’s take dishes, cutlery and a bowl for washing with us. Disposable dishes will also work. Many campsites also have some equipment – there are special sheds for cooking, places for bonfires or grills. Campsites are often located in smaller towns, where you can count on homemade dinners that will be more economical than in tourist destinations.

If you do not want to or cannot cook for various reasons, it is worth taking freeze-dried food with you. These are wholesome dishes that are deprived of water during the preparation process, so they will not spoil. Such a dish is ready in a few minutes, just pour hot water over it, wait a moment and it’s ready.

Kabanos sausages and a packed lunch will also work well on a camping trip. However, you should keep everything in boxes to prevent ants from getting into the food. You can also think about a tourist fridge that can even be connected to a USB charger.

Where to crash?

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to pitching a tent is a camping site. Indeed, it is a convenient solution, because it is enough to book accommodation in a selected field to live in one place for the entire stay, and to have access to a toilet, shower, electricity and field infrastructure. When choosing a campsite, it is worth reading reviews about it. Part of the place is more often visited by young people and all-night parties await us there. If we want to relax, let’s look for less commercial places, dedicated to families with children.

Despite many restrictions and prohibitions, you can also pitch a tent “in the wild” and take advantage of the opportunity to spend your holidays in the forest or by the pond. However, it should be remembered that in Poland pitching tents in national parks is not allowed. Contrary to appearances, it is worth choosing places far from buildings, so as not to expose yourself to unwanted visits by other people who may not always have good intentions. If it is possible to pitch a tent in a sheltered place, e.g. by trees or uninhabited buildings, it is worth choosing it. A sheltered place will reduce the feeling of cold and the noise of the blowing wind. If we are breaking up in the wild, a tourist shower will be a good solution. It is light and capacious, it is enough to fill it with water and then hang it in a sunny place. A power bank and a flashlight will also be useful in such a place.

Necessary gadgets

When leaving, let’s prepare a list of things that may come in handy while camping. In addition to the stove or tourist chairs, wet wipes are invaluable, which not only help in maintaining hygiene, but are also useful during cleaning.

Camping must-haves are also preparations repelling ticks and mosquitoes. It is worth thinking not only about sprays, but also repellent lamps or incense sticks.

It is necessary to remember about the first aid kit, which should have, at least, basic equipment, i.e.: sterile dressings, bandages, protective gloves, scissors, heat-insulating foil, mask for artificial respiration and plasters. In addition, we can take wound disinfection liquid and painkillers with us.

How much does camping cost?

Camping holidays are by far the cheapest form of travel. Prices usually depend on the location and comfort provided by the field. However, if you decide to pitch a tent, e.g. in a place made available by the forest inspectorate, it may turn out that such a camping will not involve any costs.

This year, on average, you have to pay from PLN 30 to PLN 50 per night for pitching a tent at the campsite. The campsite owners also charge a fee per person. It costs up to PLN 30 per night. We have to pay an additional PLN 10 for a pet. In addition, there is a parking fee – from PLN 20 to PLN 30 per day. We also have to pay a tourist tax of about PLN 2-3 per day. Children usually can count on a few zlotys discount, and the youngest ones, up to 2 years of age, often stay there free of charge.

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