Nightmare in the Alps. A tourist died because the “stairway to heaven” led him into the abyss

Nightmare in the Alps.  A tourist died because the "stairway to heaven" led him into the abyss

A real disaster occurred on the famous “stairway to heaven” in the Alps. One of the men who decided to visit the iconic place did not survive the challenge. An accident on the Donnerkogel via ferrata gives you chills.

This was not how this trip to the Alps was supposed to end. A 43-year-old from Great Britain decided to reach the so-called stairway to heaven in the Dachstein mountains. Although the place arouses fear and climbing is associated with great risk, a lot of tourists come there to feel the call of adventure. It turns out that an expedition does not always have to end well. The man in question suddenly fell into a rocky abyss and died on the spot.

Accident on the Donnerkogel via ferrata. Everyone was shocked

Via ferrata Donnerkogel is an extraordinary attraction in the Austrian resort of Salzkammergut. It regularly allows you to admire one of the most beautiful views in the world. It’s no wonder that tourists want to come there and take up the challenge. This is something for the brave, because once you get there you have to face a ladder hanging high above the abyss. One false move is enough for the situation to become dangerous.

The place is also called the stairway to heaven. Everything is secured with ropes, ladders and steps that create “iron paths”. Theoretically, they can be used safely by ambitious tourists. You must be equipped with special safety harnesses in advance.

The man in question wanted to experience an adventure, like many of his predecessors, and did not expect the action to end this way. Once on the ladder at a height of 90 m, he suddenly fell to the ground. In a few seconds he was at the bottom. He hit with such force that unfortunately nothing could save him. Falls from heights usually end this way. For this reason, among others, many people died in the Alps. five climbers from Germany.

Help did nothing. The causes of the case are being investigated

After the tourist died, police began investigating the incident. Even though there were witnesses at the scene who immediately called for help, the rescue operation turned out to be impossible. The man died on the spot and landed on the rocky bottom.

Afterwards, officers from the Alpine Police from Hallein, the Police from Abtenau and two helicopter crews. They were the ones who started looking for the victim. Currently, the investigation is still ongoing. Now many tourists certainly look at it with fear Grosser Donnerkogel. It is not known whether the accident was due to some damage or a completely unfortunate accident. Once upon a time, a tragedy occurred in the Alps, among others: because the climbing tourist was drunk. How was it this time? We will see.

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