A beautiful gesture by Wisła Kraków towards Cracovia. “We keep our fingers crossed”

A beautiful gesture by Wisła Kraków towards Cracovia.  "We keep our fingers crossed"

President of Cracovia prof. Janusz Filipiak was taken to hospital in a serious condition. It decided to react to these reports, among others: Wisla Krakow. A beautiful gesture from the local rival.

On Saturday, September 30, disturbing news circulated on social media. Professor Janusz Filipiak, president of Comarch and Cracovia, was to be hospitalized in a critical condition. This information appeared on Twitter and was confirmed by RMF FM and lovekrakow.pl. According to reports, the man’s heart stopped.

Disturbing news about the health condition of the president of Cracovia

At the time when this incident occurred, Cracovia was playing against ŁKS. Pasy won 2-0 after goals by Virgil Ghita and Jani Atanasov. Due to the fact that this match was away, neither club spokesman Przemysław Staniek nor sports director Stefan Majewski had any information about it. – I am at the match in Łódź and all I know is what the fans and the media write, that Professor Filipiak was hospitalized – Polsat Sport found out.

During the post-match conference, the team’s coach, Jacek Zieliński, did not want to comment on this matter or provide any information. – Please forgive me, but this is not the time to talk about it now. We keep our fingers crossed for the professor and believe that everything will be fine, said the Cracovia coach.

A beautiful gesture by Wisła Kraków

On Sunday, October 1, Cracovia’s local rival – Wisła Kraków – will play against the relegated PKO BP Ekstraklasa – Wisła Płock. Before this match, the Lesser Poland club decided on a beautiful gesture on its social media. Krakow residents posted an entry referring to prof. Filipiak.

“We have been competing on the pitch for 20 years, and in life we ​​share common passions. Today, the whole of Wisła is keeping its fingers crossed for your recovery, Professor!” – we read.

This gesture was positively received by fans who praised the class of the club. Moreover, this photo with the caption “Professor, get well soon” was displayed during the previously mentioned meeting with Wisła Płock.

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