New Ukrainian-Russian border? Biden and Scholz’s secret plan

New Ukrainian-Russian border?  Biden and Scholz's secret plan

“Bild” presented the assumptions of the “secret plan” to end the war between Russia and Ukraine. The United States and Germany were to develop a strategy to maintain the current front line. The daily unofficially determined that there was also a “plan B”.

On Friday, November 24, the German daily “Bild” revealed the assumptions of the alleged “secret plan” developed by the United States and Germany. According to the newspaper’s unofficial findings, the strategy for ending the war in Ukraine was prepared, among others, by Joe Biden and Olaf Scholz.

War in Ukraine. Secret plan of the USA and Germany

The project is intended to persuade Volodymyr Zelensky to negotiate with Vladimir Putin and accept “brutal compromises” by distributing weapons supplied to Ukraine. The administrations were to agree that they would provide Kiev with the combat resources necessary to maintain the front line and a strong negotiating position, but insufficient to liberate the Russian-occupied territories.

According to the Bild report, the described actions are intended to make the president of Ukraine realize that “continuing the war on a blocked front makes no sense for his country.” Then – of its own will, without external pressure – it will decide to start negotiations. The daily – quoted by “Rzeczpospolita” – emphasized, however, that the strategy did not envisage ordering talks as soon as possible, but readiness to hold them “when the time comes”.

Two scenarios for ending the war

The US and Germany were also to prepare for circumstances in which Kiev refuses to enter into dialogue with Moscow. The newspaper’s informants said that “plan B” assumes a “frozen conflict without an agreement between the parties” and thus the consolidation of the new Ukrainian-Russian border.

At the beginning of November, the deputy spokesman of the US Department of State denied earlier reports of pressure on Kiev. – We are not aware of any talks with Ukraine on negotiations outside the structure of the peace formula, said Vedant Patel, quoted by The Kyiv Independent. At the same time, President Zelensky also emphasized that none of the partners is putting pressure on Kiev.

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