Daniel Obajtek and Grzegorz Braun on a strange list. “The wildest, strangest or craziest”

Daniel Obajtek and Grzegorz Braun on a strange list.  "The wildest, strangest or craziest"

Daniel Obajtek and Grzegorz Braun were included in the list of 23 politicians of the most “crazy” new MEPs. The Confederation’s policy was described as a “destroyer of religious symbols”, and the former president of Orlen as a “PiS mannequin”.

To form a political group in the European Parliament, you need 23 MEPs representing at least one quarter of the Member States. The Politico portal has created its own group of 23 strangest politicians who will be members of the new European Parliament. “They are the wildest, craziest or even strangest,” it was noted.

Politico’s “chosen” included, among others: a Cypriot YouTube star, a singer from Bulgaria fighting corruption, a Greek butcher whom almost no one has ever seen, or a former racing driver accused of making a Nazi salute.

Daniel Obajtek and Grzegorz Braun in the unofficial list of the most “crazy” MEPs

The portal included two politicians from Poland on the list: Grzegorz Braun and Daniel Obajtek. Each person was rated with an emoji of a face screaming in fear. The Confederation politician received the maximum possible value, and the former president of Orlen was rated four on a five-point scale.

Braun was portrayed as a “destroyer of religious symbols”. “A member of the far-right Konfederacja party, he has a penchant for destroying religious symbols. He shamefully extinguished the Hanukkah menorah in the Polish parliament, calling the Jewish Festival of Lights a ‘satanic cult’ (he called Polish Jews ‘enemies of Poland’), and last year he devastated a Christmas tree decorated with baubles with EU and Ukrainian flags,” it was written about the Confederation politician.

This is how Daniel Obajtek sees the west. “Manenik PiS”, “Golden child of the previous government”

In turn, Obajtek was described as a “law and justice mannequin.” “The ‘golden child’ of the previous PiS government, Obajtek was the president of the state oil company PKN-Orlen until he was fired at the beginning of this year by the new government,” reads the beginning of the description of his profile.

“Now he comes to Brussels, where he may meet Michał Szczerba, who was elected as an MEP on behalf of Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform. As an MP, Szczerba called Obajtek to testify in the visa scandal. Obajtek refused, claiming that it would take up valuable time ‘at the last moment of the elections’,” it concluded.

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