New job experience. The regulations affect over 4 million people

New job experience.  The regulations affect over 4 million people

An entrepreneur who switches to full-time employment is, in some respects, disadvantaged towards his colleagues who have been on an employment contract “forever”. This applies, for example, to the calculation of leave. All because of the length of service that the person did not acquire as an entrepreneur or working under a mandate contract. The Ministry of Labor wants to change regulations that are unfavorable to a group of over 4 million professionally active people.

To benefit from 26 days of leave, you must demonstrate appropriate length of service. It includes the period of study and years worked under an employment contract. If a person is employed full-time and has worked for several or a dozen years on a contract of mandate or has run a sole proprietorship, he or she will have to accept a 20-day leave for the first two or three years of work. This is because the regulations do not allow years of work under a civil contract or running a business to be included in the length of service.

Seniority. The Ministry of Labor wants to change the regulations

The lack of a longer leave period is not the only consequence for people who have been active on the labor market for years and yet feel like beginners in the company. The website reminds that appropriate experience is required for promotion in public administration. You, an official who has previously worked as a consultant in your own business, will not have a chance to have your qualifications recognized.

Length of service is also taken into account when determining the right to unemployment benefits.

The Ministry of Labor wants to change the regulations so that when calculating the length of service, the following are taken into account:

  • running a business,

  • contract work,

  • agency agreement,

  • period of serving as a deputy, senator or MEP. reports that ZUS data shows that there are approximately 1.9 million people on mandate contracts, of which 1.3 million are those who receive pension contributions and therefore have no other employment. In addition, there are approximately 2.5 million people running sole proprietorships – JDG.

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