A fire broke out in the hotel. 54 people injured

A fire broke out in the hotel.  54 people injured

A fire broke out at a hotel in Incheon, South Korea on Sunday evening. People escaping from the fire jumped from windows onto the roofs of nearby buildings. Unfortunately, they are injured.

There was a fire in a hotel in Incheon. The facility is located in the city, which is the third largest in South Korea. It is located near the country’s capital, Seoul. The explosion injured 54 people, including 8 foreigners, the local fire brigade reported.

Fire in the hotel. 54 people injured

Authorities of the Incheon Gongdan Fire Department, whose jurisdiction covers parts of Namdong-gu and Yeonsu-gu in the southern part of the city, said the explosion most likely occurred in the parking lot of the 18-story building. It is worth adding that the parking spaces themselves occupy three floors underground and a dozen or so above ground.

The facility burst into flames around 9 p.m. As a result of the accident, as many as 54 people suffered various types of injuries – some suffered smoke inhalation, others suffered numerous fractures resulting from escaping from the building. One man in his twenties was injured, and a foreign woman in her thirties suffered second-degree burns. At least 18 people were taken to hospitals. Fortunately, none of the injuries turned out to be fatal.

People jumped out of windows

Several guests escaped the flames by jumping onto the roof of a neighboring building, and videos of their dangerous evacuation went viral on social media. Hotel guests who were not injured were transferred to a community center in Namdong-gu. Fire authorities are investigating the cause of the fire.

About 140 firefighters and 49 pieces of equipment were sent to the site. Thanks to their combined efforts, the flames were extinguished in about an hour and a half.

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