A squadron of Russian planes over the Baltic Sea. Border Guard on details of the investigation

A squadron of Russian planes over the Baltic Sea.  Border Guard on details of the investigation

Not one, but four Russian planes violated Finnish airspace. The machines penetrated up to 2.5 kilometers into Finland for about two minutes.

The Finnish Border Guard announced in a short statement that the investigation into the violation of the territory is at an advanced stage. The incident occurred on Monday, June 10, in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Loviisa. During the investigation, it turned out that in addition to the previously reported Russian plane, there were also grounds to suspect three other planes of involvement in the incident.

The Finnish Border Guard explained that a squadron of aircraft consisting of two bombers and two fighters would be responsible for the territorial violation. Russian machines penetrated up to 2.5 kilometers into Finland. The investigation into this case is to continue in the coming week, and the next update on this matter is to be provided after the proceedings are completed.

Russian planes entered Finnish airspace for two minutes

The Finnish Ministry of Defense, reporting on the incident, said its airspace was violated for about two minutes. The previous violation of Finnish airspace by Russian aircraft occurred in August 2022, when two fighter jets entered Finnish airspace in the Gulf of Finland.

Moscow responded to Helsinki’s statement. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the long-range aircraft carried out regular flights in the airspace over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, Barents Sea and Norway.

Moscow responded to Helsinki’s announcement

Tu-95ms strategic missile aircraft and Tu-22m3 long-range bombers took part in the flights. “At some stages of the route, long-range bombers were accompanied by fighters from foreign countries,” the Russian Defense Department said in a statement.

The commander of Finland’s defense forces, Janne Jaakkola, enigmatically told Reuters that “if these types of airspace violations occur and they are intentional and serious, they are met with a response.” Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen, quoted by AFP, emphasized that “the matter is being taken seriously.”

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