Popular resort says no more relieving itself in the sea. The punishment is dizzying

Popular resort says no more relieving itself in the sea. The punishment is dizzying

The Spanish resort has decided to crack down on tourists who relieve themselves in public places. Violators will pay a fine of up to 3 thousand złoty.

In modern resorts, it is difficult to find beaches without accessible sanitary facilities. Despite this, many tourists still choose the classic “peeing in the sea” instead of visiting a public toilet. The Spanish resort has decided to change this. In Marbella, located in the south of the country, such behavior is expected to be punishable in the future by a fine of up to 750 euros. However, it is not known how officials will find the culprits and enforce the penalty.

Penalty for peeing in the sea

The Spanish resort of Marbella is planning to impose a hefty fine on tourists caught urinating in the sea. On Friday, June 21, the municipality took the first steps to introduce the new regulations, which will apply to a total of 25 beaches in the Malaga and Marbella regions. Previously, tourists could face a fine of “only” 300 euros for a similar act. Now, the fine is expected to be as much as 750 euros (about 3 thousand złoty). It is not known when the rules will finally come into effect.

Tourists do this all the time

Marbella is not the first city to introduce a fine for relieving oneself in the sea. A similar ban was previously introduced in the Spanish city of Vigo. However, in neither case was it specified how the offence would be detected. It can therefore be assumed that the fine is intended to encourage tourists to get out of the water and go to the toilets, in order to reduce the regular pollution of the marine environment. Proving guilt and enforcing the compensation due may not be so easy, however.

Beachgoers peeing is not only a problem in Spain. We also have to deal with similar actions of unaware tourists in Poland. A representative of the HumanDoc foundation told Wprost.pl last year about the unpleasant consequences of polluting reservoirs in Masuria.

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