The stupidest travel trend this year. Reckless tourists risk their lives for nice photos

The stupidest travel trend this year.  Reckless tourists risk their lives for nice photos

Irresponsible tourists stand right next to shooting tongues of lava. In the comments under the video, Internet users condemned their behavior.

Tourists in Iceland staying close to the crater have been deemed reckless and risky. The recording posted on Reddit (but not only) shows several dozen people who, despite the real threat, calmly admire the volcanic eruption. Internet users criticize that such behavior may encourage more brave people to “get to know volcanoes even more closely.”

In the video, tourists are just a few meters from the crater

The video, published two days ago, has already collected over 2,000 comments. The recording shows tourists standing extremely close to a volcano bursting with live lava and, as it may seem, completely unconcerned about the possible danger. “I still have my eyebrows, is there any chance I can get even closer?” – reads the content of one of the top comments. “It’s good that volcanoes always erupt in a controlled and predictable way,” another user ironizes. However, some people pointed out that the perspective in the camera may not reflect the exact distance in reality. Perhaps the tourists were actually standing further away than the video suggests.

Island of fire and ice

Volcano tourism is a significant element of tourism in Iceland. The island of fire and ice is located on the so-called hotspot in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. There are numerous volcanoes on the island, and their presence is not only due to their location on the border of lithospheric plates, but also to the activity of convection currents in the Earth’s mantle. The currents deliver enough heat to melt the lithosphere. Magma emerges to the earth’s surface spectacularly and suddenly.

Some of the volcanoes in Iceland are still active: Hekla, Katla, Askja, Grímsvötn and Eyjafjallajökull, whose eruption in 2010 paralyzed air traffic over Europe. The island country also has numerous hot springs and geysers, as well as SPA centers located nearby, which encourages more and more tourists to visit it. For many of them, the opportunity to see volcanoes is the main reason for coming, especially in a volcanically less active part of the world, such as Europe.

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