Netflix giving away free DVDs. The company is closing the service in style

Netflix giving away free DVDs.  The company is closing the service in style

Netflix is ​​moving away from physical discs sent by mail for good. What’s more, the company decided to give away its property completely free of charge, and fans can buy a large collection of films on DVD.

Netflix has decided to move away from its mass DVD shipping past for good. Now the disks are becoming more and more of a burden on the Internet company, so the company’s management decided to get rid of the goods in a rather interesting way.

Netflix is ​​giving away discs with movies. Dozens of DVDs will be delivered to subscribers’ homes

If you didn’t know, the hugely popular Netflix (and even started out by renting physical movies that were mailed to subscribers’ homes. The shipment of the characteristic red envelopes with the company logo will be completely discontinued on September 29. This will happen after 25 years of uninterrupted operation of the service, which was once quite a revolution in the USA.

The company recently announced a kind of amnesty. After September 29, no fee will be charged for film discs rented and not returned to the company. This means that American subscribers of the classic Netflix service will actually receive rented movies as a gift.

But that’s not all. The company also offered that interested subscribers could apply for a free package of CDs. Up to 10 more DVDs will be sent to them by mail on the last day of the service.

However, it is supposed to be a surprise, or rather one big unknown. The company will not confirm how many discs it sends, what films they will be or whether we are on the list at all. If we agree to participate in the campaign, we may, but do not have to, obtain the CD. We will only find out about it when we open the mailbox.

Netflix on the rise – huge money after blocking password sharing

As we wrote in, Netflix began a great harvest after loudly banning the sharing of accounts with the service. The new corporate strategy was risky, but ultimately turned out to be a huge success for the company.

In a recent financial report, the popular VOD service announced that it had gained as many as 5.9 million new subscribers in the quarter ended June 2023. The total number of global subscribers is over 238 million people.

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix emphasizes that since May it has blocked the possibility of sharing accounts in over 100 countries around the world. As a result of this change, the company now enjoys “a healthy level of conversion of previously Netflix borrowing households to full-price subscriptions to the service.”

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