The Italian national volleyball player admitted this without hesitation. He didn’t blame anyone

The Italian national volleyball player admitted this without hesitation.  He didn't blame anyone

Polish volleyball players and fans are still confidently experiencing the grand final of the European Championships. The White and Reds defeated the Italians 3-0 in excellent style. The star of the national team, Simone Giannelli, did not look for excuses after the match. He outright recognized the White and Reds as number one in the world.

Volleyball fans in Poland have many reasons to be happy this year. After winning the Nations League, the volleyball players added a triumph in the European Championships. They had been waiting 14 years for a similar success in continental competitions, when they turned out to be the best in Turkey. Just like then, no one had any doubts who ruled in Europe.

The captain of the Italian team complimented the Polish national team

Although the Italians are the current world champions, who defeated the Poles in Katowice last year, they were helpless in the clash in front of their home crowd in Rome. They had moments of good play, but they could not cope with Nikola Grbic’s well-disposed players. Italia could boast a series of 17 victories in a row in the EuroVolley (since the quarterfinals of the European Championship 2019), but on Saturday evening it did not matter.

Italian fans left the arena in Rome in sad moods after the medal ceremony. Ferdinando De Giorgi’s players behaved in the spirit of fair play and did not take away their silver medals. After the match, they were able to emphasize the class of their rival in interviews. The captain and one of the biggest stars of the national team, Simone Giannelli, in an interview with the WP SportoweFakty portal, had no doubt that the Poles are currently the best national team in the world.

– The beginning was decisive and it was these serves that had a big impact. Poland served strongly and they put pressure on us. They were simply better than us, Giannelli said. – In addition, Poland has an excellent block, they jump very high. You have a very wide bench. Poland is currently the best team in the world, said the Italian and Perugia playmaker without hesitation.

This is not the end of the season for the Polish national team

Poles will return to the country on Sunday. After a short break, they will resume preparations to start competing in the Olympic qualifying tournament to be held in China at the end of September.

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