This is what Fujian looks like. China’s most modern aircraft carrier

This is what Fujian looks like.  China's most modern aircraft carrier

Photos have appeared online showing the Fujian aircraft carrier, the largest and most modern Chinese vessel of this type.

China continues to try to build the largest and most modern army in the world, in which it has been competing directly with the United States for years. The official media of the Middle Kingdom have just presented a recording showing the largest and most modern aircraft carrier of the Chinese naval fleet.

Fujian, China’s newest aircraft carrier

The newest, and also the largest and most technologically advanced aircraft carrier in the Chinese army is called Fujian. What deserves special attention – and this is what the Chinese are most proud of – is that on board there are, among others: special electromagnetic catapults that enable many different types of aircraft to take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Fujian is the third aircraft carrier in the Chinese army that was entirely designed and built in this country. In addition, the military of the Middle Kingdom also has aircraft carriers called Shandong and Liaoning.

Fujian shown on Chinese TV

Currently, the colossus is still awaiting final tests at sea, but Chinese state media have just published its latest photos. They show the aircraft carrier being towed by two smaller units. The material, of course, includes admiration for the latest achievement of the Chinese fleet, as well as strong announcements of its quick introduction into service.

In the new year, we will use every minute, we will work with the greatest determination and strive to achieve combat readiness as soon as possible. – said one of the officers serving on the new aircraft carrier in the TV material.

The first tests of electromagnetic catapults on board the aircraft carrier were carried out in November last year. For the first time, a modern cannon using electromagnetic interaction technology was presented.

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