Netflix asks you to update your data. Check the sender before clicking

Netflix asks you to update your data.  Check the sender before clicking

The risk of losing access to Netflix may be so impressive that, following the instructions, we will start updating our account and download an application to manage data on the streaming service. Stop! This is an attempt at fraud.

“We are reaching out to you with an important message regarding your current payment information. We've detected some irregularities in the billing information associated with your account. To avoid further problems, please urgently update your billing details by clicking the button below – I received an email with this content in the afternoon.

Check who sent the email

The company asks you to update your data. I didn't even try to check where I would be redirected after clicking the red box. He doesn't have a Netflix account, so without checking I know it's a scam. Moreover, the e-mail was sent from the payment address (at), which should have been a warning flag.

Fraudsters make sure that their requests for payment or data updates resemble real e-mails from the companies they impersonate. They steal graphics from their websites and use a similar graphic layout. At first, it may be difficult to distinguish such a “prepared” e-mail from an official, real message.

If in doubt, you can contact customer service, but looking at the sender's name is usually enough to recognize a fraudulent email. Although the company name will be displayed in the “sender” field, if we hold the cursor over the name, the address from which the message was sent will be displayed. There is no possibility, at least at the moment, for fraudsters to send e-mails from the official servers of the companies they impersonate.

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