Elon Musk fawns over advertisers. Twitter will give them more options

Elon Musk fawns over advertisers.  Twitter will give them more options

Elon Musk has given companies additional tools that give them more control over advertising. The new feature is designed to protect brands from embarrassing situations and encourage them to continue collaborating with Twitter/X.com.

Since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, companies have been cautious about working with the shaky social media platform. This is a big problem for the billionaire, because advertising campaigns still account for the overwhelming majority of the company’s revenue. Now X is trying to please advertisers again.

New tools on Twitter/ X – it’s all about advertising campaigns

Company X has just introduced brand new sensitivity settings. They are to allow for more precise control of the context in which banners, sponsored posts and other content purchased on Twitter as part of advertising campaigns will be displayed.

The feature is to use AI and machine learning to minimize the proximity of ads around potentially harmful or brand image content. Although the system is quite complicated, its operation is supposed to be quite simple.

So far, companies can choose from two options – standard and conservative positioning. Both will affect the environment in which the ads are displayed in the “for you” tab.

Twitter divides ads – from conservative to casual

The conservative option is the strongest. Using it, the system will detect user posts that are hate speech, showing erotic content, brutal scenes, broadly understood violence, profanity or obscene behavior. In addition, the function will avoid entries regarding drugs and posts considered spam.

The default standard option will already allow ads to appear close to spam and drug posts, but will still avoid all other contexts listed above. A free mode is also planned. Its goal is to maximize the reach of the campaign if the company cares less about the context and more about the number of people who will see the banners. There, the display restrictions are to be significantly lighter.

All of Elon Musk’s moves have one goal – to bolster advertising revenues, which have fallen by up to 50 percent. after the platform was taken over by a billionaire.

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