Here are the most popular phones in Poland. There is one king

Here are the most popular phones in Poland.  There is one king

Samsung, Apple, or maybe Xiaomi – which phone brands do Poles choose? The latest study shows a clear leader in Poland, and one of the recognizable producers turned out to be quite niche.

A recent study commissioned by shows that Poles have clear favorites when choosing a new smartphone. Our tastes in some cases coincide with global data, but there are also some interesting differences.

The most popular smartphone brands in Poland in 2023.

As part of the Ariadna research panel, respondents were asked the following question: What company is the manufacturer of the smartphone that you own and use most often? There were as many as seven globally popular brands to choose from.

The clear winner of the ranking is Samsung, chosen by as many as 36 percent. subjects. The Korean company has quite a long tradition – both globally and in Poland, this brand is associated with good devices, but these days you often have to pay a lot of money.

Xiaomi won the silver medal with 21%. The Chinese manufacturer has several product lines popular in our country, including the Redmi and Redmi Note series and the POCO sub-brand. The company usually offers phones with a good balance between quality and price, and the final purchase cost is often more affordable than from other manufacturers.

Huawei came in third with 11%. users. This is an interesting result, because Poles are quite vocal about one of the disadvantages of phones – the lack of Google services, which forces them to switch to HMS services and the Petal ecosystem. On the other hand, the company’s phones are usually of good quality and take excellent photos.

Apple and Realme phones not very popular in Poland?

The American titan fell off the podium – Apple was mentioned by only 7%. asked. On the one hand, the company has its ardent fans also in Poland, and the phone ecosystem is accessible and “just works”. On the other hand, the price of iPhones may still be quite high for Polish budgets.

Of the three softer brands that are trying to break through in our country, Realme got the most votes with 5 percent. Oppo was not far behind with 4%. Vivo was not chosen by any of the respondents, and as many as 9 percent chose it. respondents indicated other brands. 4 percent respondents indicated that they did not have a smartphone at all.

The study was conducted on the Ariadna panel for on May 12-15, 2023. Nationwide random quota sample N=1054 people aged 18 and over. Total amounts selected according to representation in the population of adult Poles for gender, age and size of place of residence. Method: CAWI.

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