Neither Belgium nor the Czech Republic. Most beer is produced elsewhere

Neither Belgium nor the Czech Republic.  Most beer is produced elsewhere

Poland is one of the largest beer producers in Europe. We are ahead of us – and this is not surprising – Germany and Spain, i.e. a country that is moderately associated with drinking beer.

In 2022, Germany was the largest beer producer in the EU and placed 7.6 billion liters of this drink on the market. Germany was followed by Spain, which produced 3.9 billion litres, followed by Poland with 3.7 billion litres, according to Eurostat.

Beer production: major importers

Thus, Poland produces 11 percent. EU beer.

The production of beer with alcohol has already returned to the pre-pandemic level: compared to 2021, it increased by 7%. When it comes to non-alcoholic beer, there were no changes compared to 2021.

The largest exporter of alcohol-containing beer was France last year: 0.9 billion liters, which is 17% of the total. total imports. Other big importers were Italy with over 0.7 billion liters (14%), Germany with less than 0.7 billion liters (12%), the Netherlands with 0.6 billion liters (11%) and Spain with 0. 5 billion liters (10%).

As for the main directions of beer exports to non-EU countries, the main partners were the United Kingdom and the United States.

Rishi Sunak wants to support pubs and local producers

A few days ago, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Twitter that taking advantage of the fact that after Brexit his country is free to regulate alcohol tax issues. And he intends to use this right to support one of the symbols of his country, i.e. traditional pubs. “We are introducing one of the biggest changes to the alcohol excise system in the last 140 years,” he announced.

The four-point plan to save pubs is as follows:

  • Protecting pubs in local communities

  • A pint of beer purchased from a pub will be taxed at a lower rate than store-bought alcohol (a pint is approximately 568ml)

  • Lower prices of the most popular alcohols traditionally chosen by the British (e.g. prosecco and Irish Cream liqueur)

  • Tax credits for small alcohol producers.

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