Hacker stole millions from FTX. The criminal returned for the treasure

Hacker stole millions from FTX.  The criminal returned for the treasure

Nearly a year after stealing millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies, an anonymous hacker moved his loot. The criminal made a transaction on Ethereum obtained at the expense of the infamous FTX company.

The latest data indicates that the mysterious hacker who once attacked FTX is making moves with his prey. Fabulously large amounts of money disappeared from the monitored wallet.

The hacker returns to the loot – FTX was attacked a year ago

According to Arkham Intelligence analysts monitoring the blockchain network, 6,250 Ethereum tokens worth approximately $10 million disappeared from the cryptocurrency wallet associated with the FTX attack.

The hacker made three transactions and tried to hide them carefully, using privatization tools such as RailGun and Thorchain. However, specialists were still able to track his movements with some precision.

Interestingly, the exact amount seized by the criminal from FTX is still unknown and has become the subject of numerous expert debates. Some estimate losses of up to $400 million, while FTX admits to losing only $323 million. It is certain that in total, the hacker’s account contained as much as $300 million in stolen cryptocurrency assets.

Theft of cryptocurrencies from FTX – a surprising hack after the company’s bankruptcy

Let us recall that at the end of December 2022, American prosecutors began an investigation into the disappearance of tokens from the FTX exchange. Investigators then reported the disappearance of as much as $370 million in cryptocurrencies, which occurred just hours after the company announced bankruptcy.

FTX filed for bankruptcy on November 11, and new CEO John Ray said the next day that the company knew about “unauthorized access” to the exchange the day before the theft. Early speculations even said that Sam Bankman-Fried – the founder of FTX, who is currently accused of numerous frauds within the company’s operations – could be behind the hacker attack. However, he categorically denied the accusations of a cyber attack.

Blockchain specialists Elliptic indicated that the stolen cryptocurrencies were exchanged on decentralized exchanges. Some funds have also gone through a so-called mixer, which combines different types of cryptocurrencies to disguise their origins.

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