Deposit in Orlen, take profits? We check the offer that appears on the Internet

Deposit in Orlen, take profits? We check the offer that appears on the Internet

Leave your details and a “personal project manager” will contact you immediately. After a week, the first profits will be transferred to your account – the website with the Radio Zet logo encourages. This is a scam. The mechanism is well-known, but fraudsters use the largest news media to advertise it, so it is worth being careful.

“Important changes for pensioners” – announces a figure resembling the prime minister. He looks like Donald Tusk, but it is clear that this is not a photo, but an AI creation. The politician in the next photo does not resemble anyone in particular, but it was probably intended to be President Andrzej Duda. Both ads assure that pensions will be raised on July 11, so we click to find out what it is all about.

Pension Changes? It’s a Scam

We come across a site that pretends to be Radio Zet’s website (the logo is original). There, we can read an interview with the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy, Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, who announces a law that creates the possibility of using passive income. The “opportunity of a lifetime” is supposed to be investing in some new Orlen project.

This is of course a scam, in which the criminals have put quite a lot of effort. Banners redirecting to the fictitious Radio Zet website have been published in the largest news services. However, the scam mechanism itself is tried and tested and unfortunately effective.

You should leave your contact details and wait for a message “from your personal manager”. The next step is not described, but it is probably transferring money to the indicated account. “A week later, withdraw your first profit to the card or leave funds in the project to earn more” – this is already a promise of profits, which, of course, will not be. It is not worth checking the intentions of the scammers, because they can play on emotions in such a way that they encourage even customers who swore that they were immune to such scams to pay money.

For several years, scammers have been impersonating popular media outlets because it gives them credibility. The goal is the same: to encourage victims to transfer money. Fake interviews with celebrities, politicians and businessmen are to create the impression that this is how they multiply their wealth. Poles are, as a nation, quite trusting, so scammers really don’t have a difficult task.

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