Najsztub wants to sue Adamczyk. “Help me punish liars”

Najsztub wants to sue Adamczyk.  "Help me punish liars"

Journalist Piotr Najsztub intends to sue a former TVP Info journalist for saying that he fatally hit a woman. He set up a collection for this purpose.

“I am going to court with TVP Info and its propagandist Michał Adamczyk. After years of hate and attacks on me, on June 18 this year, the station, through Adamczyk’s mouth, falsely accused me of killing a man on the crossing. I didn’t kill anyone, the injured party suffered minor injuries, and the courts finally acquitted me. At this point in my life I cannot afford to rent a law firm. And here I want to collect the necessary funds. After talking to the law firm, I estimate them at PLN 35,000. in two instances. Help me punish liars,” he wrote on in August

Adamczyk talked about hitting a woman on TVP Info

In an interview with Onet, Najsztub said that the lawsuit concerns a specific statement made on June 18 this year in the “Strefa starcia” program on TVP Info, hosted by Michał Adamczyk.

– Adamczyk then said that I was “a celebrity who fatally hit an elderly woman at a pedestrian crossing, later explaining that the old lady entered the pedestrian crossing too quickly.” When he uttered these words, four years had passed since my final acquittal by the court, he noted. He demands an apology (on all government television platforms) and compensation in the amount of PLN 150,000. zloty.

By the time of publication, Najsztub had collected PLN 23,210 out of PLN 35,000. He admitted that he was currently unemployed and could not afford to pay the costs of the trial.

On October 5, 2017, Piotr Najsztub hit a 77-year-old woman who was crossing the road in Konstancin-Jeziorna. She was taken to hospital with, among others, broken ribs and skull cap bone. Shortly afterwards she died of colon cancer.

On November 18, 2019, the District Court in Warsaw upheld the judgment of the first instance court, which found Piotr Najsztub not guilty of causing the accident.

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