Mother and daughter will fly into space. The flight was won in the Virgin Galactic lottery

Mother and daughter will fly into space.  The flight was won in the Virgin Galactic lottery

Only 18-year-old Anastatia Mayers and her mother Keisha Schahaff will fly together into space aboard a Virgin Galactic rocket. The pair was selected from thousands of participants and will fly into orbit later this week.

Richard Branson and his team came to my house and said I won, that I was going to space Keisha Schahaff couldn’t help but be impressed. In a commentary for the BBC, the woman said that she entered the lottery years ago and did not hope for much. Now it has a chance to go down in the history books.

Mother and daughter fly into space – great luck in the Virgin Galactic lottery

Schahaff bought a Virgin Galactic lottery ticket later in 2021. She was flying from her hometown of Antigua and Barbuda to London at the time when she spotted an advertisement for an unusual Virgin initiative. To participate in the draw, all you had to do was make a minimum donation of $10 to the non-profit organization Space for Humanity.

More than 165,000 other people made similar fates, also quietly counting on a ticket to space for two. – I took part in the lottery, and a few months later I received information that I was among the top 20 finalists. Later (I was informed that I was) in the top five, until finally I was the winner – the delighted woman recalls to the BBC.

Anastatia Mayers and Keisha Schahaff in space – they will break many barriers

Schahaff chose her daughter, 18-year-old Anastatia Mayers, as the second passenger. The family couple will also somehow become part of the story. Anastatia will become the second youngest person to ever go into space. Both women will be the first people from the Caribbean in space.

In addition to them, Jon Goodwin – a British Olympian affected by Parkinson’s disease – will participate in the Galactic 02 mission. The instructor will be Beth Moses, an astronaut working for Virgin Galactic.

The Galactic 02 flight will take place on Thursday, August 10, 2023. It is scheduled for about 90 minutes, during which the rocket will rise into the air and cross the barrier of earth’s attraction – 85 km. Passengers will therefore be able to experience the feeling of weightlessness for a short time.

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