Instagram weeds people away from AI. It will mark machine generated posts

Instagram weeds people away from AI.  It will mark machine generated posts

Instagram will begin to clearly label posts created by AI. The platform wants to clearly separate user-generated content from mass machine-generated content. How will the new system work?

Instagram intends to tag posts, photos and videos created by artificial intelligence. AI posts will be clearly separated from regular content, so that the user has the least chance of making a mistake.

Instagram warns against AI posts

The tests of the latest system on Instagram were noticed by the well-known Internet developer Alessandro Paluzzi. The latter shared a screenshot on Twitter showing a description of the new system to ensure the transparency of content on Instagram.

“A creator or Meta has indicated that this content is created or edited by AI. This is an image by Meta AI. What is generative AI? People use AI tools to produce text, images and videos from a short description. How to spot that a post uses AI techniques? Content created with the help of AI is typically marked so that it can be easily identified.

An experimental warning appearing under posts performs several tasks at once. First, it informs the user that a given photo is a fabrication created by AI, which can help e.g. in the fight against fake news. Secondly, it familiarizes the Internet user with the whole concept of creative AI, if he has never heard of this type of technique. Finally, it gives a sign that this content should be distinguished from ordinary photos on Instagram, and the user can count on more similar markings.

Fake news created by AI

While AI content is still quite easy to discover so far, AI learns very quickly. Just a few months ago, the most popular graphics engines couldn’t convincingly recreate human hands. They are doing very well now.

Even today, artificial photos can already confuse some users. At one time, fabricated materials with the participation of Pope Francis, alleged photos from the arrest of Donald Trump or the audience of Vladimir Putin were widely known. Some of such actions are innocent jokes, but troll farms operating on behalf of certain countries can also operate in a very similar way.

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