A new variant of the XE coronavirus is spreading in the UK. What do we know about him?

A new variant of the XE coronavirus is spreading in the UK.  What do we know about him?

Many people have already forgotten about the restrictions related to COVID-19. However, this does not mean that the pathogen has ceased to exist. In the UK, a new variant of the coronavirus, designated XE, called Eris, is making itself felt.

The UK’s Health Security Agency has estimated that the new variant of the coronavirus already accounts for less than 18% of all deaths. all COVID-19 infections recorded in the UK recently:

We continue to see more COVID-19 cases this week. We also saw a slight increase in hospital admissions across most age groups, especially the elderly. Overall admissions figures are still low and we are currently not seeing an increase in ICU admissions, said Dr Mary Ramsay, a vaccination expert at the British Health Safety Agency.

Is “Eris” dangerous?

Experts disagree about the health effects of the new variant of the coronavirus. Most likely, infection with the pathogen produces mild symptoms, similar to those observed with infection with the Omicron variety. Patients most often complain of: sore throat, sneezing, fatigue, headaches, increased body temperature or smell disorders. However, treatment of the infection may require hospitalization. This applies primarily to people struggling with multiple diseases, seniors and children.

How to protect yourself against the new XE variant of the coronavirus?

According to representatives of the World Health Organization, one of the most effective methods of defense against the new type of coronavirus is vaccination. However, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warns against downplaying the coronavirus and alerts governments to apply appropriate security measures used during the pandemic:

The WHO continues to recommend that high-risk individuals wear masks in crowded places and take immune boosters when recommended. It is also worth taking care of an appropriate ventilation system in the rooms – reminds Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in an interview with Sky News.

According to experts, the infection is favored by rainy weather and a decrease in immunity due to the infrequent intake of booster doses. Scientists predict that the greatest increase in infections may occur in September, when children and students return to school and adults return to work. However, it is difficult to predict exactly what will happen. This is related to the lifting of the pandemic and slowing down the process of obtaining data on infections.

Will the new variant of the coronavirus also reach Poland?

It is impossible to give a clear answer to the question of whether “Eris” will reach Poland. However, taking into account the speed of spread of the new coronavirus variant, it can be presumed that the XE variant will soon also appear in Poland. Therefore, it is better to avoid large groups of people and crowded places, especially when on vacation. Also, do not underestimate any disturbing symptoms from the body. The basis is also remembering about hygiene and washing hands.

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