More work is starting on Zakopane – just before the long weekend

More work is starting on Zakopane - just before the long weekend

Traveling along the Zakopane route, i.e. the road connecting Kraków with Zakopane, can be difficult, although the travel time is expected to be shorter in the future. Before this happens, all reconstruction work must be completed. On Tuesday, just before the long weekend, disruptions will begin in Myślenice.

On Tuesday, disruptions will begin on national road No. 7 in Myślenice. Both lanes will be narrowed in each direction and two local roads will be closed. This is related to the construction of a new road junction.

Zakopianka. Expansion work has been ongoing for several years

The change in traffic organization starting on Tuesday will cover an approximately 600-meter section of Zakopianka in Myślenice in the area of ​​the intersection with ul. Sobieski. Additionally, two local roads leading from the street will be closed. Sobieski. Detours have been designated: to ul. Sienkiewicza – detour along Zakopianka, ul. Słowackiego, ul. Żeromskiego and ul. Kasprowicz; towards Krakow – detour on Zakopianka.

Road crews will narrow both lanes in each direction. The right lane will be 3.25 m wide and the left one 2.75 m. The speed limit will be 50 km/h. Two lanes of traffic in each direction will be maintained – vehicles with a maximum width of 2.2 m will be able to move in the left lane.

Thanks to the construction of the junction, it will be possible to eliminate the traffic lights at the intersection of Zakopianki and ul. Sobieski. As part of the investment, additional lanes will be created allowing entry to the junction and Zakopianka. On the street Sobieskiego, a roundabout will be built, from which it will be possible to enter national road No. 7. A new footbridge will also be built in the area of ​​the former Jewish Cemetery. Thanks to this, road workers will be able to eliminate the existing crossing in this area.

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