A bouquet of flowers from artificial intelligence? AI can change floristry

A bouquet of flowers from artificial intelligence?  AI can change floristry

The evolution in floristry and bouquets is coming. The first online flower shop is being created in Poland, which will be based on artificial intelligence, science and psychology. Just answer a few questions and the AI ​​will generate a personalized composition that florists will turn into a bouquet.

This news electrified not only representatives of the floristry industry. It is also widely commented on social media. It is an innovative platform that selects the best style and atmosphere of the bouquet for a given person and for a given occasion. Creating unique flower arrangements is possible thanks to the combined forces of artificial intelligence, science and psychological knowledge. This will be the first service of this type not only in Poland but also in the world.

Artificial intelligence will help create bouquets of flowers

According to experts, this may be a new direction for the floristry industry. All thanks to the Panksy website, which is just starting its operations in Poland. The company assures that the difference will be visible to the naked eye not only after placing the order, but also when receiving the flowers.

So far, florists could create flower arrangements based on information collected during a short conversation with customers. They had no way to improve or speed up this process. Progress in the development of artificial intelligence has come to the rescue, which also opens up completely new solutions for the flower sector.

The algorithm will help you create the right bouquet. AI will propose the best solutions

What will the entire process of creating unusual compositions using artificial intelligence look like? – Internet users ask. First, buyers will have to answer a few questions about the person they want to give the flowers to. One of them will be the issue of possible allergies of the recipient. Then, the algorithms will classify our answers into one of the archetypes selected by the company, which will select the best style and atmosphere of the bouquet.

On this basis, artificial intelligence will offer ready-made stylistic solutions to recipients. They will consist of photos, colors, a description of the style of the proposed bouquet, as well as species of flowers that may be suitable for a given ceremony. Finally, all you need to do is select the size of the ordered bouquet and specify the delivery date. All data will be sent to one of the local florists cooperating with the platform, who will create a bouquet and deliver it to the address we provide.

Poles like to receive original gifts

The company’s representatives argue that each bouquet ordered will be created with a specific person in mind. In their opinion, order individualization is possible thanks to large amounts of data. – This idea fits into the growing needs of Polish customers in terms of personalization of products and services – they say.

According to experts, original and unconventional solutions meet the needs of most customers. This is also confirmed by numerous industry reports. A study conducted by Empik Foto shows that 95 percent Poles consider the best gift to be one that is tailored to a given person. In turn, almost half of the respondents (45%) stated that originality is the most important factor in choosing a gift for loved ones.

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