Morawiecki, Kaczyński’s successor? “I would like to take part in this honorable race”

Morawiecki, Kaczyński's successor?  "I would like to take part in this honorable race"

Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has not abandoned his political ambitions. In the “Guest of Radio Zet” program, he admitted that he would like to become the head of PiS in the future.

Mateusz Morawiecki answered the question about the position of PiS leader at the very beginning of the interview. In the “short ball” he had to say “yes” or “no” when asked about taking control of PiS after Jarosław Kaczyński’s retirement.
– I would like the president to be the head of PiS for as long as possible, to unite our camp, and then I would also like to take part in this honorable race, in this competition – said openly the former prime minister, currently serving as vice-president of Law and Justice.

Morawiecki the next head of PiS? He expressed interest

Jarosław Kaczyński’s retirement has been talked about for some time now. The 74-year-old politician would resign as PiS president next year, when his term ends. Recently, however, due to the current political situation, there have been speculations about Kaczyński’s next run in the elections for party leader. Experts agree that he would win in such a fight against any rival candidate.

MP Morawiecki was also asked about his plans for next year’s presidential elections. In this case he did not answer clearly. He chose a more general, diplomatic option. – This decision will be made by the PiS political committee in approximately 10 months – he said.

Survey on Kaczyński’s retirement

At the end of December, Wirtualna Polska asked respondents whether Jarosław Kaczyński should give up the reins of Law and Justice and retire from politics. References were made, among others: to the statement of the PiS president in the Sejm, when he called Donald Tusk a “German agent”.

In mid-November, Kaczyński also accused the Civic Platform of “arrogance” and “German rudeness”. He called the PO chairman “the last idiot.” The leader of the United Right also said that Tusk had insulted the Law and Justice electorate by talking about “wife beating and drinking.”

The research shows that a total of 65.5 percent people taking part in the survey would see Kaczyński outside Polish politics. A total of 20.8% disagree with this statement. respondents. In turn, 13.7 percent respondents had no opinion on this matter.

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