Former PiS senator with the support of the opposition? Jan Maria Jackowski will start from district no. 39

Former PiS senator with the support of the opposition?  Jan Maria Jackowski will start from district no. 39

The signatories of the Senate pact will field their candidates in 99 out of 100 districts. They will not field candidates in the constituency from which the non-partisan senator Jan Maria Jackowski is running. In February, he was removed from the Law and Justice parliamentary club.

Recall: on Thursday, August 17, the signing of the Senate Pact was officially announced.

What is the Senate pact?

It is an agreement between four opposition groups – Civic Coalition, Left, Poland 2050 and Polish People’s Party – and the local government movement “Yes! For Poland”.

The formula of the pact is that in the elections to the Senate, these entities will not put candidates against each other, but will select one common candidate in each of the constituencies.

The Senate pact of 2019 resulted in success

In this way, they want to increase the probability of winning against the candidates of the United Right and the Confederation. This tactic of not dispersing votes brought the expected results four years ago.

In the 2019 Senate elections, KO, Lewica, Polska 2050 and PSL concluded the same agreement, and the candidates supported by these groups won more than half of the senatorial seats.

The Senate pact will not put up a candidate against Jackowski

The shape of this year’s Senate pact is as follows: KO will field its candidates in 51 constituencies, PSL in 21, Left in 15, Poland 2050 in 8, and “Yes! For Poland” in 3.

In addition, as part of the pact, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, a senator and former president of the Supreme Audit Office, who was a member of the Civic Platform in 2004-2013, will run as a non-partisan candidate. Thus, the candidates of the Senate pact will appear in 99 out of 100 districts. What about the missing circle?

In an interview with TVN24, Kwiatkowski explained that the signatories of the pact decided not to put forward a candidate in District No. 39, which covers the area of ​​Ciechanów, Mława, Płońsk, Przasnysz and Żuromin counties, where Senator Jan Maria Jackowski is running as a non-partisan candidate.

Why was Jackowski removed from the PiS club?

Jackowski has held the senatorial mandate continuously since 2011, i.e. for the third term. Each time he ran as a non-partisan candidate from Law and Justice.

In February 2022, however, he was expelled from the PiS parliamentary club for violating its rules and statutes. In practice, it was about the growing criticism of the policy of the ruling camp. The cup of bitterness was to be filled by Jackowski’s comment from January, which concerned the confusion surrounding the Pegasus surveillance software.

“Since the 2011 elections, I have been a non-partisan member of the PiS Parliamentary Club. I did not and do not belong to the party, so party “messages” do not apply to me. This status was accepted by the voters, since in the elections to the Senate in 2015 and 2019 I received more electoral support in my constituency than the PiS list to the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, reads the statement published by Jackowski at the time.

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