Will Barkom-Każany Lviv leave PlusLiga? Stormy discussion of Polish presidents

Will Barkom-Każany Lviv leave PlusLiga?  Stormy discussion of Polish presidents

Barkom-Każany Lviv is competing in the PlusLiga for the second season. Due to the war in Ukraine, the team played its matches first in Kraków and now in Wieluń. While discussing the reduction of the league, the future of the team from Lviv is also being discussed. According to Paweł Zagumny, the team’s presence in the Polish competition was supposed to look different.

Barkom-Każany Lviv is competing with Polish teams in PlusLiga for another season. The club, which was doomed to fight for relegation, calmly secured its existence at the highest level for another year. After a season of competition in Krakow, the club moved for economic reasons to Wieluń, where it plays matches as the host team.

Paweł Zagumny uncertain about Lviv’s future in PlusLiga

Barkom’s plan to enter Poland was approved before the war in Ukraine broke out. The assumption was that the team was to play at home in Lviv, and thanks to this, Plus League volleyball was to develop also outside the country. Previously, it was also considered possible to admit Berlin Recycling Volleys, but the club from the German capital still wants to compete in the Champions League from its territory.

Paweł Zagumny referred to the case in the “7Strefa” program broadcast on Polsat Sport. The president of Enea Czarni Radom mentioned that the equal vote on the reduction of the league was decided, among other things, due to the lack of knowledge regarding the future of Barkom. The president of the Ukrainian club, Oleh Baran, was absent from the General Meeting, which also created difficulties in the debate.

– It was definitely a difficult vote, because as presidents we did not know all the facts. It was not stated who the inheritance applies to. Are two Polish teams relegated or three Polish teams, what is the status of Lviv, which will be after the third season of playing in PLS. We did not receive this information and perhaps that is why the vote was so close, said Zagumny. “It was supposed to look completely different. It was supposed to be a marketing and business exchange, trips to Lviv, but you know how life turned out,” added the president of Czarni Radom.

Barkom-Każany Lviv rivalry in PlusLiga

Zagumny also mentioned the discussion between the presidents, which concerned whether “the topic of Lviv has really been exhausted.”

In the current PlusLiga season, Barkom-Kazhany Lviv is in 11th place. Ugis Krastins’ team has an eight-point advantage over the last placed Czarni Radom.

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