Russia is gathering powerful forces near Kiev. Putin wants to return to the concept of lightning war?

Russia is gathering powerful forces near Kiev.  Putin wants to return to the concept of lightning war?

Footage has appeared online showing a large Russian transport of military equipment heading to the Sumy Oblast, approximately 150 km from Kiev. It looks like Vladimir Putin intends to attack the capital of Ukraine again.

This is the first time since the beginning of the war that Russian military equipment is so close to the Ukrainian capital. Analysts from Defense Express suggest that the Kremlin is returning to its plans from spring 2022, which assumed an attack on Kiev from the Sumy Oblast.

Tons of Russian equipment are heading towards Kiev

The published videos show tanks, armored vehicles, combat vehicles, river crossing systems and medical vehicles. It is expected that there will be more such transports in the coming days. However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have built huge defensive fortifications in this region, which is intended to make it difficult for the Russians to take over these areas.

Reports of the Russian army exercising tactical nuclear weapons are also disturbing. There is a risk that Putin is returning to his original plans for a lightning war, in which it was initially assumed that Kiev would be captured in a few days.

Analysts believe that Vladimir Putin wants to occupy as much of Ukraine as possible before the autumn presidential elections in the US. Because if Donald Trump wins, Putin hopes to conclude a peace that will allow him to keep the acquired territories.

Russian offensive on Kharkov

A few days ago, a major Russian offensive was launched in the Kharkiv Oblast, aimed at capturing Kharkov. It seems that the Russian army's plan assumes a simultaneous attack on Kiev from two directions. However, analysts believe that thanks to the potential support of the US and NATO for Ukraine, the Kremlin has no chance of success.

Russia is bombing the Sumy region every day, and today's attacks on the city of Sumy have deprived 500,000 residents of electricity. The target is critical infrastructure facilities to create chaos and destruction of strategic military facilities, which is intended to enable Russia to occupy new territories more quickly.

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