“Little Korea” near Wrocław. Here we will feel like in Seoul

"Little Korea" near Wrocław.  Here we will feel like in Seoul

Koreans have settled down in Bielany Wrocławskie and this is where they show the true culture of their country. A report from the trip was posted on Instagram.

Although many Lower Silesians associate Bielany Wrocławskie mainly with a highway exit and a huge shopping center, this small village on the border of the voivodeship capital has much more to offer. The Instagram profile “Miejsca we Wrocławiu” published a video reporting a walk around the town near Wrocław. This place will especially appeal to fans of Korean culture.

Korean housing estates in Bielany Wrocławskie

It turns out that when we come to Wrocław for a weekend, we can be in the middle of the African savannah and in the center of the Korean capital in one day! While walking along Wrocławska, Fiołkowa and Konwaliowa streets, tourists can experience quite a surprise. Is it Wrocław or is it Seoul? Shop windows in Korean encourage you to buy original products from the East, and restaurants encourage you to taste exotic dishes. Korean banners and characteristic flags are also found on private properties. “On Wrocławska Street and the neighboring streets you will find shops with original Korean products, hairdressing salons, restaurants and bakeries,” says Kamil Karpiński, who shares new ideas for city trips with followers on the Instagram profile “Miejsca we Wrocławiu”. Visiting “Little Korea” will certainly be an interesting alternative for those who cannot afford an expensive trip abroad.

The Koreans were hired by LG

Most of the businesses run in Bielany Wrocławskie are owned by Koreans living here. Such a large community of this nation did not find itself near Wrocław by accident. The unique Korean atmosphere came to Bielany Wrocławskie thanks to the recruitment of LG, which has its headquarters in Seoul. The electronics giant needed specialists for a factory near Wrocław, and South Korean citizens who came here on contract settled in Bielany permanently.

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