Majchrowski spoke about the allegations. He talks about the party's “appetite for power”

Majchrowski spoke about the allegations.  He talks about the party's "appetite for power"

Jacek Majchrowski spoke about the charges brought against him. The mayor of Krakow was allegedly part of a high-profile scandal at the city hall. He claims the case is “purely political.”

On Thursday, the mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, who has been in office for 22 years, was charged with “failure to fulfill his duties by a public official in order to obtain financial benefits for another person.”

According to the prosecutor's office, he exceeded his powers and violated the granting of special-purpose subsidies for conservation and restoration works. The case dates back to 2021, when the Central Anticorruption Bureau detained the former vice president of Krakow, Elżbieta K.

Majchrowski's spokeswoman called the allegations “absurd.” The president himself allegedly refused to provide explanations.

The Mayor of Krakow spoke on the allegations

On Friday, Majchrowski spoke in person. He published a statement on social media in which he confirmed the charges brought against him by the prosecutor's office.

“It's about subsidies for conservation work in the tenement house on the corner of ul. Gołębia and Wiślna, belonging to an entrepreneur who is a member of the family of my former deputy,” explains the mayor of Krakow.

Majchrowski emphasizes that “in accordance with the resolution of the Krakow City Council, subsidies are awarded by city councilors, not the president” and that “all resolutions on granting subsidies were reviewed by the culture and budget committees, and then unanimously adopted by the Council.” None of the councilors were to raise any doubts about this building.

“The role of officials is solely to check whether the applications submitted to the office by facility owners meet the criteria contained in the resolution of the City Council. We do not check family connections or the level of wealth of applicants. I forward positively verified applications to the City Council to decide on the allocation of funds,” he states.

Political allegations, false information

According to Majchrowski, the charges were brought against him despite the fact that the prosecutor admitted that she “is aware that the subsidies are awarded by the Krakow City Council, not the president.”

He views the matter itself as political. “I am confirmed in this belief by the fact that shortly after I left the prosecutor's office, the nationwide media were informed about this fact,” we read.

“I am outraged by the fact that the prosecutor's office informed journalists that I refused to provide explanations, when in fact I asked for a justification in order to be able to refer to the case in detail, which was recorded in the protocol,” Majchrowski explains Thursday's reports.

“Appetite for Power”

And further: 'I realize how great the appetite of political parties is to finally take power in Krakow after more than 20 years. The prosecutor's office has always been a political tool. Especially before the elections. Preparing such documents takes months. In my opinion, the case was being prepared in case I expressed my willingness to run for the position of mayor of the city.

“Now, the information about charges against Jacek Majchrowski is intended to undermine trust in the city and people who have been working with me for Krakow for years, so that after my departure, political parties can take over the office, replacing professionals with party functionaries,” said the mayor of Krakow.

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