Karol Świderski was hospitalized during the match break. Disturbing reports

Karol Świderski was hospitalized during the match break.  Disturbing reports

There was an unexpected change during the break of the Poland-Czech Republic match. A journalist commenting on this meeting informed that Karol Świderski was hospitalized. Nothing more is known yet.

On November 17, the Polish national team played a match against the Czech Republic, which was to determine whether the Polish national team would still be able to dream of directly qualifying for Euro 2024. Unfortunately, a disturbing situation occurred during the match. During the break, Karol Świderski was taken to hospital, as reported by the journalist commenting on this match, Jacek Laskowski. The Charlotte FC player felt unwell in the locker room, so a quick decision was made to transport him to a facility. It was changed by Adam Buksa.

Karol Świderski was hospitalized during the break of the Poland-Czech Republic match

Karol Świderski has been a very important player in the Polish national team for some time. It seems that he won the competition with Arkadiusz Milik, Adam Buksa and Krzysztof Piątek for the title of striker number two in our team. He has already scored several important goals for the White and Reds and this time, in the match against the Czechs, we were counting on another one. Michał Probierz also, because he designated him to play from the first minute.

Unfortunately, this time the Charlotte FC player did not get on the scoresheet, although our compatriots scored a goal in the first half. This time the goalkeeper was beaten by Jakub Piotrowski, one of the less experienced players. The Czechs equalized immediately after the restart, with Tomas Soucek scoring the goal. Unfortunately, Karol Świderski did not come out for the second half, which may have been surprising at first. However, as it turned out, the player was taken to hospital, which was reported by Jacek Laskowski on TVP Sport. The journalist only mentioned that the player felt bad in the locker room and was taken to an appropriate facility. For now, nothing more is known about this player’s health condition.

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