The Kremlin reacts to the elections in Poland. “We don’t like it”

The Kremlin reacts to the elections in Poland.  "We don't like it"

The Kremlin doubts that relations between Moscow and Warsaw will improve in the near future, according to Dmitry Peskov. The Kremlin spokesman commented on the elections in Poland in this way.

On Sunday, October 15, Poles elected their representatives to the Sejm and Senate. A new government will be formed in the autumn. Even though Law and Justice won, it has no possibility of ruling on its own. The opposition, in turn, has the majority, winning 248 seats. In this situation, there is speculation as to who the president will entrust with the mission of forming the government: the winning party that does not have a majority, or a coalition of opposition forces.

Peskov does not see pro-Russian forces in Poland

The Kremlin spokesman commented on the political situation in Poland in a conversation with journalists. Dmitry Peskov was asked whether he saw a chance to restore relations with Poland. He stated directly that “it’s probably unlikely for now.” However, he did not indicate the real cause – Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but looked for the problem elsewhere.

– Currently, there are probably no forces in the Polish establishment that would openly or even covertly suggest restoring relations with the Russian Federation – he pointed out.

Kremlin spokesman: Poles don’t like us

– We find it absurd that two neighboring countries are so hostile to each other, and it is not our fault. Nevertheless, the fact is that Poles do not like us, they are not our friends and they take a very, very hostile position on all issues that concern us. We don’t like it, Peskov said.

Poland and Russia have not formally broken off diplomatic relations. However, any relations between the countries were frozen after Russia’s unlawful aggression against Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The Russian embassy still operates in Warsaw, and ambassador Sergei Andreev is on duty. In turn, buildings illegally occupied by Russians for years were taken over, such as the building at ul. Kielecka 45, where the school operated.

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