A sports star is looking for a Polish fan. He recorded a video appealing for help

A sports star is looking for a Polish fan.  He recorded a video appealing for help

Armand Duplantis will appear in Poland again. The track and field star is looking for a fan who dreamed of having his starting number. He appealed for help online.

Armand Duplantis is one of the greatest advertisements of world athletics. The Swede took the men's pole vault to a level previously unknown, significantly beating the records of Serhiy Bubka and Renaud Lavilenni. Each time he visits Poland, he attracts the attention of fans who eagerly fill the arenas.

A sports star is looking for a Polish fan

It was in Poland, among others, that the Swede broke the world record. Last year, he appeared at the Kamila Skolimowska Memorial in Chorzów. During the event, one of the fans with a banner caught attention. The girl asked for Duplantis' starting number, explaining that it was her big dream. At that time, she did not manage to get the desired gift. Both the organizers and the athlete himself have not forgotten about the fan.

A video of Duplantis appealing for help appeared on the Silesia Memorial Kamila Skolimowska profile. The Swede is looking for a fan from last year because he has a surprise prepared for her. The material included her photo and a request for contact information.

– Hey Poland! We're trying to find the girl in this photo. Last year, during the Diamond League competition in Chorzów, she asked for my starting number. So, social media, do it! We're going hunting. Let's try to find this person and I can give him my starting number for the competition this year. I hope we will do it, said the world record holder and Olympic champion.

Achievements of Armand Duplantis

Armand Duplantis, born in 1999, is the absolute world record holder in pole vaulting. The last time he improved his best result was in April 2024, when he jumped 6.24 meters in Xiamen. He is an Olympic champion, world champion and European champion.

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