ChatGPT on your phone. Here’s how to download the AI ​​app

ChatGPT will earn $1 billion in a year.  OpenAI rubs its hands

The extremely popular ChatGPT has arrived on Android. The most popular AI chatbot is already available from the Google Play Store, although not yet in every country. Here’s how you can download the app or prepare for its launch.

The creators of ChatGPT recently announced the grand premiere of their AI chatbot on mobile devices. It’s about the Google app store on Android. Owners of phones with this system had to wait for the debut of the mobile chatbot, which gained popularity at the end of 2022.

ChatGPT premieres on Android

So far, the app has over 1 million downloads worldwide and has been rated by 11.6 thousand people. users. The current rating is 4.0/5 stars. The reviews are largely positive, but they tend to celebrate the launch of the new app rather than actually evaluate its performance.

The basic requirement for installation is to have a phone with Android 6.0 or newer. If we don’t have it yet, you will also need to create an OpenAI account, which is required to support chats with ChatGPT-4 artificial intelligence.

For now, the mobile version of ChatGPT is only available in the United States, India, Bangladesh and Brazil. However, the company announced that the list of supported countries will be expanded to include additional countries “already next week”.

Mobile iOS users are more fortunate. ChatGPT has been available in the Apple App Store for a few months now.

How to download ChatGPT on Android? We still have to wait

In the Polish version of the Google Play Store, the ChatGPT application still has the status “coming soon”. However, you can click the “Install” button, although you will not get to the main screen of the OpenAI application yet.

Then we will give our device a sign that we are interested in it. The app will download itself to our phone or tablet after it is made available by the creators. The device will also inform us about new availability.

Users should also be especially careful, because a lot of fake chatbots have already appeared in the Play Store. You should only download the ChatGPT application provided by the OpenAI developer. All the rest are fakes.

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