WhatsApp will be paid. Will the money go… to Google?

WhatsApp will be paid.  Will the money go... to Google?

From December, using WhatsApp may involve fees. Although the messenger itself will remain free, users may face additional costs from an unexpected source.

WhatsApp has announced a change to its user conversation policy. These were previously stored completely free of charge and you didn’t have to worry too much about them. Now it may turn out that some users will have to pay extra for this function.

WhatsApp with an additional fee – it’s about backups to Google Drive

All because of the changes that are coming to the contracts between WhatsApp and Google. Google Drive is used to create backup copies of our contacts and conversations. Previously, however, this data did not count towards the free limit that the company imposes on users.

However, starting in December 2023, app recovery copies will begin to consume our data storage allowance. Google offers 15 GB of space completely free with every account created for the giant’s services. Unfortunately, this limit is shared between all applications, including photos from Photos, Drive space and Gmail attachments.

The conclusion is simple. After the change announced by WhatsApp, users who were close to the limit may exceed it. After all, many years of conversations, attachments, photos and videos sent can easily become quite large.

After using the free gigabytes, Google offers subscriptions that give us access to various resources. The cheapest subscription is 100 GB of space for PLN 8.99 per month.

What’s new on WhatsApp

As we wrote in Wprost.pl, Meta is constantly improving its flagship messenger. The application, which has billions of users, gained many new features in October, gradually added to the pre-release version of the application.

One of the elements is the addition of a search option in the Updates tab, which is intended to facilitate navigation in the relatively new part of the application. Engineers also added the function of pinning messages in channels, reworked the attachment sending menu, added new formatting tools to the app and made it easier to copy links from messages.

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