The TVN journalist underwent brain tumor surgery. “I will come back stronger”

The TVN journalist underwent brain tumor surgery.  "I will come back stronger"

Joanna Kryńska disappeared from TVN some time ago. Now she has published a post in which she announced that she had undergone surgery related to a brain tumor.

Joanna Kryńska is the ex-wife of Tomasz Marc, a former TVN24 and TVP reporter, with whom she has two sons. Currently, the presenter is engaged to Grzegorz “Gabor” Jędrzejewski, goalkeeper of the Polish Artists' National Football Team in 2022. She has been associated with TVN24 for two years, and viewers could also watch her on “Dzień Dobry TVN”. However, the journalist disappeared from the air some time ago. Now she announced the reason for her absence on Instagram.

Joanna Kryńska had a brain tumor

On Tuesday evening, April 9, Joanna Kryńska published a moving post online. The journalist revealed that on March 8, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and required surgery. Although she was very distressed by the diagnosis, she received support from her fiancé, which she emphasized in her entry.

“It'll be all right! That's what this message will be about, maybe it will give someone hope, because it is so important. I haven't been with you for some time, but I have some very nice messages from you: What's going on? After an MRI of my head – on March 8 – I found out that I was going to have surgery. I fell into Grześ's arms after the result. But He lifted me up. We had to act,” Kryńska began.

Later in the post, she added that she could count on the support of her entire family and wonderful doctors. “From the moment we learned the result, we were everywhere in Bydgoszcz, Warsaw, from hospital to hospital. And the moment came when I was alone. What did I feel before the surgery, knowing the details? That I have to do this, that this is my task. And it worked. Gratitude to doctors will always be in my heart. (…) I knew how close the tumor was to the speech organ. Half a millimeter,” she said.

The presenter also revealed how she feels now and what her prognosis is. “I talk, I walk, I regain strength quickly, and my hair grows back. The histopathology result was very good. After the surgery, I have a second life,” she confessed and appealed: “If something worries you, worries you, or hurts strangely – do as I did – don't leave it. Get tested!” She summed up her entry by saying: “I still need some time for my energy to come back. (…) I will come back stronger.”

There were a lot of supportive comments under her post. Among others, Anna Kalczyńska wrote: “Oh dear, Dear Krynia! I didn't know anything – I just found out. My love, you are so brave. You wrote it perfectly – as always, focused on action. Eternal optimist. Looking forward. I wish you, my dear, a quick recovery and a return to the show, to your viewers and to your loved ones. Lots of strength and peace. Hugs tight!”, in turn Anna Nowak-Ibisz added: “I admire your strength, determination, courage, tenderness and delicacy of description. Gratitude for sharing your great victory with us. Congratulations and best wishes for a quick recovery of this wonderful energy and strength. We missed you very much in our homes.

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