Too few COVID-19 vaccines have arrived in Poland. There are 7 times more people willing to be vaccinated

Too few COVID-19 vaccines have arrived in Poland.  There are 7 times more people willing to be vaccinated

Due to the start of vaccinations against COVID-19, there is more and more information in the media about the lack of availability of vaccines. It turns out that there are many more people who want to be vaccinated than there are available preparations.

Yesterday (December 6, 2023), vaccinations with the Nuvaxovid vaccine began in Poland, protecting against the latest variant of the coronavirus – XBB.1.5, i.e. the so-called Kraken. There was a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines on the first day. The Ministry of Health immediately responded by providing information that further orders for COVID-19 vaccines will be accepted today (December 7, 2023), and the next delivery of the next tranche of vaccines will take place. However, this is not the end of the vaccination confusion.

How many vaccines have reached Poland? The number is much smaller

On the first day of vaccinations against COVID-19, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Iwona Kania, said in an interview with the Polish Press Agency that 210,000 vaccines have been delivered to Poland so far, and another 200,000 will arrive at the end of next week. The woman also noted that this number was sufficient, emphasizing that everything was under control.

However, Radio Zet reported today that significantly fewer vaccines reached Poland. “Poland only received 10,000. vaccines for the new coronavirus variant. According to data from the Ministry of Health, there are 7 times more people willing to get vaccinated,” reads the content of the entry posted on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

COVID-19 does not allow us to forget about it

Currently, a significant increase in COVID-19 infections can be observed in our country. Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska in an interview with “Radio Plus” noted that the most cases are in the eastern voivodeships, i.e. Podlaskie, Lublin and Warmian-Masurian. He added, however, that there are probably more people suffering from COVID-19 than the data indicate, but not all of them are simply aware of it. “This new mutation, which is currently dominant, no longer has such dramatic symptoms as in the previous ones,” he added.

Due to the current situation, appropriate protection is important, and the most effective method is vaccination. Check how to sign up for vaccination against COVID-19.

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